Orthodox Easter 2016 - Egg Dye Trial

Monday, 13 June 2016

I know this is a little (lol VERY) late, but oh well. I'm pregnant, forgetful and slow. Whaddyagunnado..

This year, since becoming pregnant I thought I would make a effort to start becoming a proper domakinka (Macedonian for housewife but it means so much more than just 'wifely duties'. I'll have to do a separate post about it). I figured my first domakinka duty would be Easter egg dying and seeing as though I had never done it myself before I bent the rules slightly.

In my Easter post from last year there's more information about the traditions involved with Orthodox Easter (link here). I wanted to follow the 'rules' but I figured this year could be my test run. I say this mostly because I knew something would stuff up and I didn't want to be disappointed in my efforts. It was all to lesson the blow really haha

I went to a wog deli to scout the things I would need and was half successful. I had wanted to do traditional red eggs as well as some pink eggs. Pink isn't a colour that people dye their eggs because, as I found out, pink dye is so fricking hard to find. The usual colours people use aside from red are blue, green and yellow. They come in the same type of foiled packets as shown above and you can sometimes find them in your local Coles or Woolies depending on how woggy your area is. Some people had suggested to me that food colouring would work if I couldn't find pink dye...

On the left is a pot with the regular red dye colouring the eggs and on the right is the pot with food colouring...

Can you tell which ones are pink and which are red? hahaha 
Needless to say, using food colouring was a big fail. I don't know why the pink dye made the eggs red and I don't know why the eggs had stripes across them, but I guess its ok because lucky this was a test run, right? When Easter passed and people were posting pictured of their eggs I saw some GORGEOUS colours being used. There was baby pink, mint green, hot pink, bright purple, lavender and baby blue. It was like nothing I had ever seen before! I asked around and apparently they were all made through packet dye just like the red colouring but you had to go to the markets at just the right time before easter to be able to find them. At least I know now for next year!

I didn't take photos of the feast because it was making me feel nauseous looking at the mix of food but I was alllllll about the sweets. I could've eaten these two trays by myself. Damnnnnn!

I can't wait to take the little lessons I learnt from this years trial and hopefully I'll have some better coloured eggs next year!