Sydney Harbour Bridge Babe

Thursday, 28 January 2016

I've been trying to wrap up the last of the pre-surgery blogs and I think you all will be happy to know I only have like 2 posts left before I hit the new stuff! Woo! Not going to lie, I may be more excited than anyone else for this because it means I'll be posting all new stuff from then on! YAY!

These few photos were taken on the last day of our trip to Sydney. It wasn't so much about the outfit, it was more about the background. We stayed in this perfect little area and this was our view! There was a little bus stop and this small grassy area (for photos, presumably) so I had to take advantage of it for an OOTD haha

I'm going to have a Sydney random photo recap post up in the next couple of days too so stay tuned!

Jacket: Sussan  //  Tee: Wheels & Dollbaby  //  Skirt: Cotton On
Leggings: City Chic  //  Shoes: Vans

Holy Grail Jeans

Sunday, 24 January 2016

While in Sydney (posts about that coming soon!) I found the most perfect jeans ever and now I regret not having bought all of the other pairs they had as backups.

I was sussing out Forever 21's lacking plus size section when I found these jeans. They're more like jeggings I guess because they're so soft and really stretchy. I'm so glad I gave them a go and tried them on. You don't even understand how happy I was to find a pair of jeans that fit, let alone looked so perfect! I've been wearing them almost every day since I bought them and now with the weight loss they're starting to get a little loose. I'm dreading the day I cant wear them anymore.

To avoid having to go through the pain of not being able to wear them when they don't fit anymore I tried finding them online. Turns out the code that was on the tag (Yes, I saved the tag, just incase I was ever in this situation haha) is useless because the Forever 21 website is America based so their codes are different. WHYYYY?! UGH. I'll have to just buy all the jeggings that are available on their website when that day comes and test them all out.

Do you have a pair of holy grail jeans that you'd be lost without?

Top: Suzanne Grae  //  Jeans: Forever 21  //  Shoes: Adidas
Necklaces: Tiffany & Co + Marc Jacobs

Keith Haring Mural OOTD

Thursday, 21 January 2016

I thought I had lost these photos forever! It turns out they were just in the wrong folder all along...
These photos were taken a couple of months back when Sam and I took my folks to Phamily Kitchen (a fantastic Vietnamese food place on Smith St in Collingwood). We ate some good food, had some good chats but we were ready to have some good coffee. We had been to this cafe Proud Mary before and it was great but I think they had closed for the day or something (this was really late in the afternoon) and remembered they had a sister store called Aunty Pegs. We ventured off to find Aunty Pegs and on the way found the historic Keith Haring Mural! I was so excited! First thing I did was message my sister to be jealous as she had recently become obsessed with him. I think I just wrote 'sucked in' and attached a photo haha

The mural is just so fricking cool! From what I remember my sister telling me about it was that the general message behind the mural was something along the lines of 'Make sure you have fun at university and in your schooling, but remember the most important thing is your education' (which is why the computer brain worm thing is at the top). It was painted on one of the walls of the old Collingwood Technical College. She learnt that in her art class and I don't know how true it is because I couldn't find anything about that online but I'm rolling with it because it makes sense when you look at the mural & where it was painted and its just generally a smart message.

There was a information plaque which had some cool info on it but the photo I took of it wasn't the best. It said:

In 1984 New York artist and social activist Keith Haring (1958-1990) undertook a number of public art projects during a three week visit to Australia. In Melbourne these included painting the National Gallery of Victoria's waterwall and completing this mural on the wall of what was then Collingwood Technical School. The NGV's waterwall project  was an ephemeral work and survives through photographic documentation only. This mural is now a much loved and important part of Melbourne's cultural landscape. So much that in 2004 it was added to the Victorian Heritage Register.

In 2010 management of this precinct was taken on by Arts Victoria and a conservation plan for the mural was commissioned. The plan identified the need for urgent conservation works to the mural, which had deteriorated due to weather exposure. In 2013 internationally renowned conservator Antonio Rava undertook treatment that restored visibility and vitality to the mural.

Photography and respectful engagement with the mural is welcomed.

Talk about iconic, right? Keith Haring was a badass artist.

After the excitement of the mural we went to Aunty Pegs and tried cold brew coffee for the first time. It was weird but wonderful! The guy that was helping us out (I feel like such a jerk, I forgot his name! Damn it!) let us sample a few brews and then gave us a little tour. It was pretty fricking cool. If you're around the area and love coffee, I suggest you go and check it out!

Gotta love Melbourne!

Jacket: Sussan  //  Dress: Sportsgirl  //  Leggings: City Chic
Shoes: Nike  //  Earrings: Diva

2016 Goals

I mentioned a few posts ago that I had some small goals and things I want to achieve in 2016 and thought that I would create a list here so I have to stick with it. Every thing I check off the list I'll blog about then edit this post to add the link and be able to cross it off the list.

I want to.....

- Go to the theatre
- Go to the ballet
- Participate in the Sussan Womens Fun Run
- Go to the drive ins
- Do the Colour Run this year with my sister.
- Read at least 15 books
- Go on more day trips exploring Victoria
- Try and re-learn writing Macedonian
- Complete a large full coverage cross stitch

They're my top goals for the year that I can think of right now but as I think of more, I'll add them to the list too.

2016 is going to be brilliant!

Boho OOTD Flashback

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

When I was finding all the pre-lapband OOTD photos I came across this set and remembered how babely I felt wearing this dress. I opened up the photos and the major thing I noticed was how different I look! My face is so round and my arms look so much larger! I have some days where I don't think I look very different but when I saw this, it shook me and made me feel so proud seeing how far I've come in such a short time.

I was scrolling through instagram and saw a girl wearing a very similar dress and just had to have it! I couln't find it anywhere but in the search I did find this almost identical dress from Millers. I was so relieved that I finally found it (well, close enough to it). Its weird because I'm not usually about this style at all. I don't really own anything with a 'boho' type vibe and this belt is just about the only brown toned thing I own. It's funny how certain styles can tickle your fancy even when you're not about it at all usually. Also, is boho even a thing? Is that even the style? I don't even know.

What would an OOTD be without Kitengi coming up for a cuddle? Little sweetheart!

Dress: Millers  //  Belt: ASOS  //  Thongs: Havianas

Phamily Kitchen : Vietnamese Goodness

Monday, 18 January 2016

Back when the weather wasn't so disgusting and you could wear a jacket and still be cold, Sam and I went to Phamily Kitchen, a quirky Vietnamese food place on Smith St in Collingwood. 

Sam and I like to cafe/restaurant hop on and indulge on weekends. I had walked past Phamily Kitchen before and their whole aesthetic sucked me right in! That vibrant blue and baby pink! I hadn't even tried the food there yet and I was already hooked haha

We pretty much chose our clothes so we could match the decor haha

Thats a fricking fried ice cream! DAMNNNN

The food here is so boss! They've just reopened from their Christmas break so I suggest you guys get down there and try it out!

Jacket: ASOS  //  Dress (technically a pyjama dress): Peter Alexander  //  Stockings: Sonsee
Shoes: Vans  //  Scarf: Seed  //  Bag: Fjallraven Kanken

Wishing For Swimwear

Sunday, 17 January 2016

In my previous post I mentioned my annoyance at swimwear and how it doesn't usually meet the requirements I need met. To be fair though whenever I have needed swimwear it's pretty much the day before I need it, so I have to run around to the shops and search for something, ANYTHING that just fits. I've never thought about buying bathers online because I've never really needed them often enough to spend more than $20 on it. Recently though, I signed up to a gym mostly because of the pool access, so I'm going to need to invest in some bathers that don't look old. I posted a photo to instagram of me in my bathers before a pool sesh and it's noticeable that the tankini is getting a bit loose. When I got in the pool it just started floating up and up... AWKWARD. So now I've discovered that its slim pickin's for my current swimwear choices because my old bathers are too big! It's still not something I can spend much money on because of my situation right now and priorities, but a girl can window shop and dream right?

Since discovering I only have 2 things I can wear to the pool, I started compiling a swimwear wishlist. I thought it would be hard to find things I liked even online, but it looks like I had no problem haha


1. Capriosca - Twist Front Bandeau
2. Capriosca - Jade Swimsuit
3. Capriosca - Frilled Tankini Top

1. Capriosca - High Neck Crop Top & Bottoms (Chlorine Resistant)
2. Capriosca - Underwire Tankini Top - Black Retro Check Swimsuit
3. Capriosca - High Neck Crop Top Waves Swimsuit (Chlorine Resistant)

Swimsuits For All

1. GabiFresh for Swim Sexy - The Countess Underwire Swimsuit
2. GabiFresh - The Tsarina Underwire Bikini
3. GabiFresh - Paradise Found Underwire Mid-Waist Bikini

1. Tropiculture - Sancerre Underwire Swimsuit
2. Swim Sexy - Blue Tiger Bandeau/Halter High Waist Bikini
3. Tropiculture - Striped Underwire Swimsuit

These are my top picks. Most of the ones I chose have underwire and supportive straps and the others I chose because they're so cute even if they wont help me at all haha

Do you have any fave places to shop for bathers?


Monday, 11 January 2016

Flashback to hanging out at the beach a little while ago! Yay! Sam and I went to the beach with our bffs a couple of weeks before I had my lapband surgery. It was such a fun day!

I hadn't seen my bestie for a little while so we finally got to catch up and talk shit which is always the best time. She was also scheduled to get lapband a couple of weeks after I had my surgery so we discussed a lot of stuff to do with that as well...What plastic surgery would you get? Will you wear even LESS at the beach? What are you going to miss eating? All of those important questions.

One thing I hate about going to the beach is the swimwear. I can never seem to find any bathers that fit AND support me. If they fit, they don't support and if they'd be perfect at supporting, they wont fit! UGH! It's so annoying! My makeshift way to hate the experience less is to just wear a bra underneath, but that's almost even more annoying. I only have a couple of pairs of bathers because the experience is exhausting and expensive, so I just deal with the ones I have. That being said though, when I'm a more stable size I'd love to properly look for some cuter bathers that tick all the boxes. Not going to lie, I already have a wishlist happening haha I might post it on here before the swimming season is over just incase anyone is in the market for some cute bathers.

Sam wasn't pleased that he had to be our photographer for the day haha

This jerk always pulling a face in nice photos haha

I cant wait to go back to the beach with my friends and hope I get a chance to before summer is over

Whats your fave plus size swimwear brand? Oh and btw, did you know Seafolly goes up to a sz 18?!