Holy Grail Jeans

Sunday, 24 January 2016

While in Sydney (posts about that coming soon!) I found the most perfect jeans ever and now I regret not having bought all of the other pairs they had as backups.

I was sussing out Forever 21's lacking plus size section when I found these jeans. They're more like jeggings I guess because they're so soft and really stretchy. I'm so glad I gave them a go and tried them on. You don't even understand how happy I was to find a pair of jeans that fit, let alone looked so perfect! I've been wearing them almost every day since I bought them and now with the weight loss they're starting to get a little loose. I'm dreading the day I cant wear them anymore.

To avoid having to go through the pain of not being able to wear them when they don't fit anymore I tried finding them online. Turns out the code that was on the tag (Yes, I saved the tag, just incase I was ever in this situation haha) is useless because the Forever 21 website is America based so their codes are different. WHYYYY?! UGH. I'll have to just buy all the jeggings that are available on their website when that day comes and test them all out.

Do you have a pair of holy grail jeans that you'd be lost without?

Top: Suzanne Grae  //  Jeans: Forever 21  //  Shoes: Adidas
Necklaces: Tiffany & Co + Marc Jacobs

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  1. They look SOOOO good on you! I don't have a pair of holy grail jeans, I'm forever on the look out. I have a couple of pairs that are pretty good, but not perfect.