Phamily Kitchen : Vietnamese Goodness

Monday, 18 January 2016

Back when the weather wasn't so disgusting and you could wear a jacket and still be cold, Sam and I went to Phamily Kitchen, a quirky Vietnamese food place on Smith St in Collingwood. 

Sam and I like to cafe/restaurant hop on and indulge on weekends. I had walked past Phamily Kitchen before and their whole aesthetic sucked me right in! That vibrant blue and baby pink! I hadn't even tried the food there yet and I was already hooked haha

We pretty much chose our clothes so we could match the decor haha

Thats a fricking fried ice cream! DAMNNNN

The food here is so boss! They've just reopened from their Christmas break so I suggest you guys get down there and try it out!

Jacket: ASOS  //  Dress (technically a pyjama dress): Peter Alexander  //  Stockings: Sonsee
Shoes: Vans  //  Scarf: Seed  //  Bag: Fjallraven Kanken

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