Sydney Harbour Bridge Babe

Thursday, 28 January 2016

I've been trying to wrap up the last of the pre-surgery blogs and I think you all will be happy to know I only have like 2 posts left before I hit the new stuff! Woo! Not going to lie, I may be more excited than anyone else for this because it means I'll be posting all new stuff from then on! YAY!

These few photos were taken on the last day of our trip to Sydney. It wasn't so much about the outfit, it was more about the background. We stayed in this perfect little area and this was our view! There was a little bus stop and this small grassy area (for photos, presumably) so I had to take advantage of it for an OOTD haha

I'm going to have a Sydney random photo recap post up in the next couple of days too so stay tuned!

Jacket: Sussan  //  Tee: Wheels & Dollbaby  //  Skirt: Cotton On
Leggings: City Chic  //  Shoes: Vans

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  1. Super cute outfit! Seeing posts about Sydney always make me homesick, but what an amazing backdrop!