What Fat Girls ACTUALLY Wear

Monday, 21 September 2015

Kobi Jae from Horror Kitsch Bitch wrote this post about how bullshit it is that brands that only make straight sizes can't just accommodate their plus size customers. I have theories behind the reasoning they wouldn't ever do that and i think it all comes down to a form of body shaming and body policing. It is literally the companies saying, 'cant fit? aren't worthy' and that is truly fucked up. When the brands launch a plus size line it's never the same designs as their straight sized line and I'm guessing the reasoning goes along the same lines of what I just said too, and it just ain't right. I know there are a lot of independent designers and some online stores that do amazing straight sized/plus sized collections, but what about ALL THE OTHER STORES EVER? Everyone needs to get on board and just start making one range of clothing with larger size options. Thats all we're asking! 


Not all fat girls want to wear baggy tops or wide leg jeans or tent dresses in fugly colours or shapeless coats. Some fat girls want to wear bright AF colours, short skirts, body con dresses and goddamn boots that fit our damn calves!

When I'm not dressed super casual, I love to dress up ridiculously cute and girly. Can you believe it?! A fat girl! Dressed like this! How outrageous!


Everyone should go suss out all the badass plus size babes through the hashtag #whatfatgirlsactuallywear on instagram! We all just want to look cute and feel cute and I think we should stand united and keep pushing the topic so brands can actually start listening!


I'm fortunate enough to be able to buy what I want most of the time and go shopping online for cool things but what about all the people that can't? While I get that fast fashion sucks, sometimes people have to rely on that for their clothes. I always try and think about what position my sister is in when it comes to clothes. She's a chubster too but she has to rely on my parents to buy her clothes and can't buy things online so the local shops are all she's got to work with. I'd love for her to be able to buy the stuff she wants and for it to come in her size. We shouldn't have to feel shitty about ourselves just because a company doesn't want to accommodate all of us.


I have no doubt that eventually our voices will be heard and a size revolution will happen. When that will be, I don't know, but we still have to keep shouting and showing these companies what fat girls ACTUALLY wear!

Sweater: Sportsgirl via eBay  //  Dress (as skirt): One of those cheap mall shops 
Shoes: JellyBeans  //  Bag: Salvos  // Skull earrings: Sportsgirl  //  Pink earrings: Kate Spade

Circles, Spots and Polkadots

Monday, 7 September 2015


Don't you hate it when you're lookin adorable and try to take some outfit photos but the sun is so freakin bright you can barely look at the camera? That seems to be my life. My eyes get really sensitive when its really bright so I'm literally there yelling 'AHH MY EYEEEESSSS!' but hey, anything for some outfit photos.


Anyone who's into quirky fashion would know about Gorman and their amazing navy and gold polkadot rain coat. They released that rain coat a few years ago and it was so popular they've brought it back in black and rose gold. It's a damn fine rain coat but I just really couldn't justify spending that much on it, so I found this cheap cutiepie from ASOS instead. I must admit I have been wearing this blue and white spotty rain coat a heap lately and it makde me think maybe I should've forked out some more money and gotten the Gorman one. At the time it seemed impractical, like why would you buy something to only wear on rainy days? But now I'm like LOL WEAR THIS E'RRY DAY! I don't even know why I thought like that because living in Melbourne you never know when its going to rain, so it's a pretty handy and practical thing to have.



I felt like I was literally going blind by the end of taking these photos haha
Cant wait for more gorgeous days like this! 

Rain Coat: ASOS  //  Top: Banana Republic  //  Jeans: Crossroads
Shoes: Vans  //  Scarf: Supre  //  Bag: Esprit