Circles, Spots and Polkadots

Monday, 7 September 2015


Don't you hate it when you're lookin adorable and try to take some outfit photos but the sun is so freakin bright you can barely look at the camera? That seems to be my life. My eyes get really sensitive when its really bright so I'm literally there yelling 'AHH MY EYEEEESSSS!' but hey, anything for some outfit photos.


Anyone who's into quirky fashion would know about Gorman and their amazing navy and gold polkadot rain coat. They released that rain coat a few years ago and it was so popular they've brought it back in black and rose gold. It's a damn fine rain coat but I just really couldn't justify spending that much on it, so I found this cheap cutiepie from ASOS instead. I must admit I have been wearing this blue and white spotty rain coat a heap lately and it makde me think maybe I should've forked out some more money and gotten the Gorman one. At the time it seemed impractical, like why would you buy something to only wear on rainy days? But now I'm like LOL WEAR THIS E'RRY DAY! I don't even know why I thought like that because living in Melbourne you never know when its going to rain, so it's a pretty handy and practical thing to have.



I felt like I was literally going blind by the end of taking these photos haha
Cant wait for more gorgeous days like this! 

Rain Coat: ASOS  //  Top: Banana Republic  //  Jeans: Crossroads
Shoes: Vans  //  Scarf: Supre  //  Bag: Esprit

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  1. Oh man, I've had to add so many warm jackets and rain coats to my wardrobe since i moved here, Melbourne weather is crazy! And yep, sometimes I plan my day around when the suns at a better angle to take pictures :P I looove polka dots, so I love that rain coat, my main raincoat is from ASOS too! And is that your kitty cat in the background?