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Monday, 31 August 2015

It's the first day of spring you guys! Winter is over and I will miss it but I'm so excited for being able to wear outfits like this again!!
What have I been doing lately?...

As I mentioned in my previous post, I quit my job which was maaaaajor but aside from that I've been trying to do as much as I possibly can haha

I tried my hand at YouTube and boy did that feel awkward haha. It is something I'd like to try some more of because I haven't seen someone do or talk about the things that I'd like to on YouTube but the only thing holding me back is the awkwardness and unnaturalness infant of the camera. I don't feel myself. I've tried filming a few videos since my first one but when I watch them back I'm just there like 'that isn't even me!'. I've just got to get over it and loosen up and pretend I'm talking to a mate instead of the camera but damn, its hard! Props to every single youtuber that can be themselves on camera! That shit is a talent, I can tell you now. Damn! But hey, if any of you guys wanna try and do a video with me, that could be really fun and help me have some chill haha

I've also been trying my hand at crafting. Literally all of the crafts. I've been playing with resin, polymer clay, painting, cross stitching, drawing and I'm desperately wanting to try crocheting. I'm going to dabble in the crafts more when I get all my other life stuff sorted and I am so frickin excited!

I'm really excited for the coming months and can't wait to post more on here!
I know this post had very little to do with my outfit but whatevs, it was still pretty cute haha

If you want, check out my YouTube channel!

Denim Jacket: Sussan  //  Dress: Target  //  Stockings: Sonsee  //  Shoes: Lipstick
Bag: Marc Jacobs  //  Pins: YSL & ASOS // Bracelet: Fitbit (why didn't I take it off for the photos?!)

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