Comprehensive Guide To Being A Fat Girl in Melbourne

Friday, 30 October 2015

This post is inspired by a lovely lady who commented on my blog asking for tips on where to meet people in Melbourne and fat friendly shopping ideas as she's moving here very soon (or she's already moved here, depending how long this post has taken me to write haha)

It got me thinking. Where have I met all the people I've known? Pretty much everyone I know, aside from school & work mates, I met online (I have a post coming up about my struggles with this, so stay tuned).
Melbourne is a small place when you think about it and all the little 'communities' are pretty small too. If you're a plus size fashionista type gal, theres a bunch of girls out there that you'll be able to find super easily through the Melbourne Curves Facebook page or hashtag on Instagram. Most of the girls are really friendly, so just drop a comment or DM or whatever to whoever you like and they'll be warm and welcoming :)
Other communities can all be sussed out online too, it just depends on the type of people you're wanting to find. If you're good at putting yourself out there, restaurants and bars are great places to meet people too. I'm super awkward with strangers but I have some friends that can just walk up to anyone and 10 mins later have a new friend. I don't know how they do it, but if you have that ability, take advantage of all the restaurants and cool bars Melbourne has to offer. Even the cafes! My husband made friends with our local barista just by having a little chat with him every morning when getting his coffee. Little things like that. Melbourne's really good like that. Most people will just be super open to talk and have a chat and you never know what something like discussing the weather will lead to.
Another major way to make friends is through the obvious path, work. I met my best friends through my job. Sometimes you just get lucky and get to work with some amazing people.
If you're into arts/crafts you could take a class or do a workshop (Check out & They're pretty great!). Now, the thing with this is that the people are a bit hit and miss. The workshops are great but people seem to usually go with their friends and not that many people go alone (I go alone though and it's still fun!), and the people that do go alone are the quiet type (me haha) so it can take some effort trying to chat with the shy gals.

For plus size shopping, Melbourne is pretty hit and miss too, but again, it depends on what you're into.
I can not recommend thrifting enough! Go anywhere and everywhere. All of the Savers, Salvation Army (Salvos), Brotherhood of St Laurence, St Vincent de Paul (Vinnies) & Red Cross stores you can find, go to! I owe most of my wardrobe to thrifting because its just too damn good here. Just a week ago I got a Alexander McQueen stretchy swing dress, new with tags in a size large from the Salvos. FUCKING ALEXANDER MCQUEEN! The fat girls here dress damn well and recycle their clothes damn well too haha
The major plus size storefonts like City Chic, AutographTS14, Dream Diva, Maggie T, My Size & Be Me are the most easy to access because they're in most shopping centres. There's also places like Katies, Crossroads, Millers & Suzanne Grae who go up to a sz 20/22
For something like a 'one stop shop' Myer and David Jones have plus size area where they showcase a bunch of great brands like 17 SundaysEstelle & Levis Plus.
Places like Target, Kmart, Big W and Best & Less also have plus size ranges. If you're skint, Best and Less are by far the cheapest for plus size essentials. I got white tees from there on sale for $3 and plain black leggings for $5. Too good m8!
There are awesome markets that showcase local designers too (and some vintage clothes as well), the most inclusive one being A+ Markets.
And of course, if you want to shop online aside from the obvious, ASOS, or other international web stores, you can suss out The Iconic, Boohoo & Mrp (Mrp is opening a storefront but idk when/if they'll have plus size stuff). Then there are Aussie brands you can find online like Ruby & Lilli (my faves!), Hey Fatty & Harlow.
I know I've probably missed out on a whole lot of brands and places but these are the ones I go to/come across the most. There are a lot of local designers in Melbourne as well so just keep an eye out at design incubator type shops that showcase local talent because you never know what you might find.

If you're out just wanting to have a day of shopping here are some general shopping tips for plus/straight size clothes, shoes and accessories as well!
The main shopping strips/malls are:
Bridge Road in Richmond - More for slightly discounted clothing stores. It's meant to be outlets but they're not really that discounted. The main reason I'd suggest going there is theres a Anthea Crawford outlet that has HEAVILY discounted stock and some of the things are still in season/just out of season. Also, theres an Alanah Hill outlet (but theres a better one elsewhere) and a Cotton On outlet that usually has a crapload of factory seconds at super cheap prices. There are also some cafes, but not the most variety.
Sydney Road in Brunswick - Really hipster area with A LOT of vintage/secondhand stores, local designers and A LOT of cafes and restaurants. Savers is the big thing to suss out here. It's freaking massive! I'd suggest heading down and just walking down the stretch of the road up until the shops kind of start to end. Thats when it kind of becomes Sydney Road in Coburg and I mean, you can keep going but it mostly becomes wedding and formal dress stores and Greek cafes and stuff.
Lygon St in Carlton - There isn't much 'shopping' here but there are a few stores like Mimco and Sussan then some toy and lolly shops but it's mostly just a long strip of restaurants and cafes. It's great to walk the stretch of and grab some lunch, look at the shops and then have some cake and coffee. Omg recommendations for places to eat there will need a whole other post haha It's just great
Melbourne Central in the CBD - It's pretty much got most things. Clothes (actually come to think of it, its really lacking in plus size stores), accessories, shoes, restaurants, know, all that stuff. Its just a shopping mall in the centre of the city basically. I wouldn't go out of my way to go there though. It's more of a 'if you're passing by' type thing.
Highpoint Shopping Centre in Maribyrnong - It's a major shopping mall that has pretty much everything. It's kind of my local mall and its where I developed my obsession with shopping (thats a whole other story), so I'm a bit biased but it's pretty good. There's shopping, food, movies, bowling and pretty much everything.
Chadstone Shopping Centre in Chadstone - It's basically Highpoint's older richer sister. There are high end stores like Chanel and Louis Vuitton and all the other stuff Highpoint has and they're expanding it to have even more stuff.
DFO in Uni Hill (Bundoora) - This place is the shiznit for bargains. There's a City Chic outlet store, a Mimco outlet and a Country Road/Trenery outlet. They're the main reasons I go because the sales there are worth checking out. There are obviously other stores but ultimately if you want to just get excited about sales, go here for sure!
Chapel St in Prahran - It's more of a 'luxurious' shopping strip. No. Expensive. And there aren't really plus size options, but if you're into fancy expensive furniture and overpriced shit that looks pretty, then go for it. The only place I would make the trip to go there for is Chapel St Bazaarr. Its a vintage emporium. I could literally spend the whole day just in there. Might even need two days to go through absolutely everythingggg.
Smith Street in Collingwood - Smith Street is like Brunswick St, except I like it more haha It's just cool. There are some cool shops and a lot of great restaurants. It's generally a fun area and it's great at night too. I would suggest doing a whole massive lap start at Brunswick Street, then walk up to Johnston St. From there walk up to Smith St then go up to Gertrude street and then you end at Brunswick St again. It's my fave general area to hang out for lunch on the weekends.

I really hope I've covered everything and this can help anyone moving to or visiting Melbourne, Plus Size or not.

If you have any questions or want anymore tips that are more specific, just send me a message & I'd be glad to help :)

Plus Size Pants Dilemma

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Lately I've really been wanting to get into wearing pants more often. Like, I'm pretty desperate to. I think it's my new phase right now. Pants and jeans. I just want to buy ALL OF THEM EVER! But I can't and it is sooooo frustrating! I'm sure a lot of plus size gals would be feeling the same as I do, but I've never really felt my shape was a 'problem' until just recently while trying to find pants that fit how I wanted them to. 

The pants I'm wearing in these photos are super comfy and I've blogged about them before, but after a few wears, I've realised there not 100% what I want and need. The trouble I'm having is that no pants seem to fit ALL of me. Waist to big, hips too small, legs too wide, not wide enough, rise too low, etc. Its like each part of my body is a different dress size. My Calves are like a sz 18, thighs a 20, hips a 24 & waist a 20. How the fuck am I meant to find pants that suit that?! I've tried endless amounts of jeans and pants from Asos and City Chic to no avail. 

This is very much of a 'Its not me, its you' type deal. Me not being the problem. Why do brands mostly cater for the 'long and lean' type of plus size? Like we're all fucking Amazonian goddesses? I'm 5"2'. I aint no Amazon. And all I'm asking for is some decent pants ffs! 

I don't want to make this whole post about complaining (but lets be real, I could lol), so lets just focus on how cute these pants DO look. The colour is perfect and I'm really loving the whole denim jogger trend thats been around for a little while now. I'm reeeeaaallly wanting to try on a pair of the 17 Sundays jogger jeans but a) the money and b) the money. I've been so damn good with my saving lately and haven't bought anything in the last month or so and I kinda want to see how long I can go. Speaking of, I kind of want to touch on shopping addiction in another blog post, something I feel is on the rise, but idk, I'll see how well I can articulate that first.

Have you had trouble finding jeans or pants? Did you end up finding a perfect pair? 

Top: Suzanne Grae  //  Pants: Suzanne Grae  //  Shoes: Converse
Rings: Gucci & Pandora (plus wedding & engagement rings)  //  Bracelets: Sue Sensi & Gucci