Plus Size Pants Dilemma

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Lately I've really been wanting to get into wearing pants more often. Like, I'm pretty desperate to. I think it's my new phase right now. Pants and jeans. I just want to buy ALL OF THEM EVER! But I can't and it is sooooo frustrating! I'm sure a lot of plus size gals would be feeling the same as I do, but I've never really felt my shape was a 'problem' until just recently while trying to find pants that fit how I wanted them to. 

The pants I'm wearing in these photos are super comfy and I've blogged about them before, but after a few wears, I've realised there not 100% what I want and need. The trouble I'm having is that no pants seem to fit ALL of me. Waist to big, hips too small, legs too wide, not wide enough, rise too low, etc. Its like each part of my body is a different dress size. My Calves are like a sz 18, thighs a 20, hips a 24 & waist a 20. How the fuck am I meant to find pants that suit that?! I've tried endless amounts of jeans and pants from Asos and City Chic to no avail. 

This is very much of a 'Its not me, its you' type deal. Me not being the problem. Why do brands mostly cater for the 'long and lean' type of plus size? Like we're all fucking Amazonian goddesses? I'm 5"2'. I aint no Amazon. And all I'm asking for is some decent pants ffs! 

I don't want to make this whole post about complaining (but lets be real, I could lol), so lets just focus on how cute these pants DO look. The colour is perfect and I'm really loving the whole denim jogger trend thats been around for a little while now. I'm reeeeaaallly wanting to try on a pair of the 17 Sundays jogger jeans but a) the money and b) the money. I've been so damn good with my saving lately and haven't bought anything in the last month or so and I kinda want to see how long I can go. Speaking of, I kind of want to touch on shopping addiction in another blog post, something I feel is on the rise, but idk, I'll see how well I can articulate that first.

Have you had trouble finding jeans or pants? Did you end up finding a perfect pair? 

Top: Suzanne Grae  //  Pants: Suzanne Grae  //  Shoes: Converse
Rings: Gucci & Pandora (plus wedding & engagement rings)  //  Bracelets: Sue Sensi & Gucci


  1. Yesss! I have SO MUCH trouble trying to find pants that fit, if it fits one area, it doesn't fit the other.
    I tried on the 17 Sunday joggers ages ago in Myers, you may want to check and see if they have any still, so at least you can try their fit (and myer do layby!)

  2. Honestly, I feel you! I have super huge calves and no butt so finding a nice pair of pants that fit me everywhere is a huge pain in the butt!