NYE Party Outfit!

Friday, 1 January 2016

And by party I mean night in with the family (like most other nights haha)

I know I said I was going to post older OOTDs before I got to new ones but this was too time relevant to delay.

New Years Eve was pretty relaxed over at my house. Sam and I don't really 'party' so we don't go clubbing or anything like that for new years. NYE for the last few years has been spent with family. I believe the way you end the year helps reflect how the new year will go (to an extent), so I always try to make it relaxed and not put myself in a position where I'd get annoyed (and if i went clubbing I'd be super annoyed haha) so staying in with the fam is always a great idea. This also goes for my outfit. I read somewhere years and years ago that the colours you wear to bring in the new year influence how your year will be. Something like colour therapy. It might be a load of crap, but no matter if I'll be out or staying in on new years I get dressed to feel how I want the year ahead to feel so thats what I base my NYE outfits on. It may sound silly, but hey, if it helps bring some more happiness to the year, whatevs. 

So for this years outfit I had the words happy, playful, cute and adventurous in mind. 

Romper: Jay Jays  //  Shoes: Adidas 

I found this romper while shopping the crazy sales that have been going on and thought it was perfect for the occasion. I usually hate rompers but this year I want to be more adventurous in the clothes I choose and well, the pattern was just too damn cute. I want to try and take life a little less seriously and do all the things I held back on doing last year. I'm going to write up a 2016 checklist that I'll keep updating throughout the year with the fun things I have planned.

I can't wait to get things started!


  1. Look how long and gorgeous your hair is looking! Also, that romper is SO cute!

    1. thank you! im like 3 years overdue for a haircut haha whooops!