Monday, 11 January 2016

Flashback to hanging out at the beach a little while ago! Yay! Sam and I went to the beach with our bffs a couple of weeks before I had my lapband surgery. It was such a fun day!

I hadn't seen my bestie for a little while so we finally got to catch up and talk shit which is always the best time. She was also scheduled to get lapband a couple of weeks after I had my surgery so we discussed a lot of stuff to do with that as well...What plastic surgery would you get? Will you wear even LESS at the beach? What are you going to miss eating? All of those important questions.

One thing I hate about going to the beach is the swimwear. I can never seem to find any bathers that fit AND support me. If they fit, they don't support and if they'd be perfect at supporting, they wont fit! UGH! It's so annoying! My makeshift way to hate the experience less is to just wear a bra underneath, but that's almost even more annoying. I only have a couple of pairs of bathers because the experience is exhausting and expensive, so I just deal with the ones I have. That being said though, when I'm a more stable size I'd love to properly look for some cuter bathers that tick all the boxes. Not going to lie, I already have a wishlist happening haha I might post it on here before the swimming season is over just incase anyone is in the market for some cute bathers.

Sam wasn't pleased that he had to be our photographer for the day haha

This jerk always pulling a face in nice photos haha

I cant wait to go back to the beach with my friends and hope I get a chance to before summer is over

Whats your fave plus size swimwear brand? Oh and btw, did you know Seafolly goes up to a sz 18?!

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