Wishing For Swimwear

Sunday, 17 January 2016

In my previous post I mentioned my annoyance at swimwear and how it doesn't usually meet the requirements I need met. To be fair though whenever I have needed swimwear it's pretty much the day before I need it, so I have to run around to the shops and search for something, ANYTHING that just fits. I've never thought about buying bathers online because I've never really needed them often enough to spend more than $20 on it. Recently though, I signed up to a gym mostly because of the pool access, so I'm going to need to invest in some bathers that don't look old. I posted a photo to instagram of me in my bathers before a pool sesh and it's noticeable that the tankini is getting a bit loose. When I got in the pool it just started floating up and up... AWKWARD. So now I've discovered that its slim pickin's for my current swimwear choices because my old bathers are too big! It's still not something I can spend much money on because of my situation right now and priorities, but a girl can window shop and dream right?

Since discovering I only have 2 things I can wear to the pool, I started compiling a swimwear wishlist. I thought it would be hard to find things I liked even online, but it looks like I had no problem haha


1. Capriosca - Twist Front Bandeau
2. Capriosca - Jade Swimsuit
3. Capriosca - Frilled Tankini Top

1. Capriosca - High Neck Crop Top & Bottoms (Chlorine Resistant)
2. Capriosca - Underwire Tankini Top - Black Retro Check Swimsuit
3. Capriosca - High Neck Crop Top Waves Swimsuit (Chlorine Resistant)

Swimsuits For All

1. GabiFresh for Swim Sexy - The Countess Underwire Swimsuit
2. GabiFresh - The Tsarina Underwire Bikini
3. GabiFresh - Paradise Found Underwire Mid-Waist Bikini

1. Tropiculture - Sancerre Underwire Swimsuit
2. Swim Sexy - Blue Tiger Bandeau/Halter High Waist Bikini
3. Tropiculture - Striped Underwire Swimsuit

These are my top picks. Most of the ones I chose have underwire and supportive straps and the others I chose because they're so cute even if they wont help me at all haha

Do you have any fave places to shop for bathers?


  1. My favourite place for bathers is Swimwear Plus. I have 2 pairs from there that I love, plus they are nice and helpful! Some do look old and fuddy-duddy, but they have a few cute ones. I also have a gorgeous swimsuit from Modcloth!

    1. ooh! I'll have to check them out! And omg I completely forgot about modcloth!