Empress Eleven Leopard Obsession

Saturday, 9 January 2016

I recently came across this amazing Australian Plus Size brand called Empress Eleven while scrolling through Instagram and I am OBSESSED!

Seeing as I haven't got a job and all our money is going to saving for a house, I haven't been able to buy new clothes. I've been online window shopping a lot lately and compiling wishlists for when I can finally start getting new things because the weight loss is already kicking in with my wardrobe and I have to get rid of a few things because they don't fit me anymore. You heard right! 15kg down and stuff is already hanging off me! I was not expecting that to happen so quickly haha

What reeled me right in was their leopard print items. I am such a sucker for leopard print and red together so my mind began racing with ideas for potential outfit options. Heres my first ever attempt at making a wishlist collage type thing!

Sweet lord these pants are the bombbbbb! I need them on my body ASAP!

a. City Chic - Crop Stripe Top - $99.95
b. Country Road - Emma Tassel Jelly Shoes - $49.95
c. Country Road - Josie Bucket Bag - $199

ROXY TUNIC - $34.95

Ok so technically this is a tunic, but its giving me more of a minidress vibe

a. Gucci - Soho Leather Disco Bag - $1,300
b. Kate Spade - Cueva Rosa Earrings - $44.95
c. Seed - Rosa Fringe Heel - $179.95


a. City Chic - Hourglass Skinny Jean - $49.95
b. Kate Spade - Cedar Street Purse - $169.95
c. Kate Spade - Spade Bangle - $44.95
d. Wittner - Hollie Black Leather Sandals - $129.95

I want to rock all of these looks so hard but the ol' bank account probs wont appreciate it as much as I would haha

What look is your fave?

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