Recovering From Life & Resolutions

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

So the last few weeks have been crazy with my surgeries and all, but I'm finally feeling a lot more normal! I've been wanting to be more creative lately and have been doing a LOT of cross stitching and have really neglected my social media. That got me thinking about next year and resolutions and all that stuff and what I want to achieve.

So far my list is:
- Get back to blogging and blog more frequently
- Stop being a wuss and try my hand at making Youtube videos again
- Cross stitch a lot more
- Finally set up the Etsy store I was meaning to this year
- Have babies (lets be real, this is the first thing I want to happen haha)

I'm really excited to do all of these things!

I said 2015 was going to be my year last year and it really has been, but for completely different reasons. I was planning that in 2015 Sam and I would have bought a house and I would at least be pregnant but life always has a way of changing things and fucking your plans right up. 2015 has ended up being the year that I did tough things for the better; I quit my job with no other job to go to and I got lapband and kickstarted my new lifestyle. I never thought I would ever do either of those things, but here we are!

In 2016 I also really want to get back into having fun with clothes. For a little while I stopped looking  at any kind of clothing or accessories (mostly because I just couldn't justify spending money on clothes when I had other stuff I needed to pay for) but I want to rekindle my love affair with thrift shopping. The photo above kind of inspired this feeling. I was trying on some PJ's at Peter Alexander and saw this top and fell in love! It's cutesy aesthetic won me over and I was already on a bit of a shopping high after not having tried on new clothes for nearly two months from the surgeries and It made me realise how boring clothes lately had been making me feel. You can wear comfy clothes and still look cute AF and I've just got to remember that. Can I also just say, how cute does the scar on my belly look poking out from that crop top! #imsotuff


  1. Things don't always work out how you want them too, but I'm glad it's still been a pretty positive year! That top looks SUPER cute on you!!

    1. thanks babe! its always the way. when you want something really bad, the universe just laughs and says 'nope!' haha but things have a way of working out in the end :)