Wrapping Things Up

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

yup, just being glam AF catching up on blogs and youtube

Hey Guys! Just wanted to put this out there incase anyone wonders why my face or body looks different but I have a number of outfit photos that I took before I had the lapband surgery and want to have them posted before I show too much of myself post lapband on here. I'm going to try and post them as quickly as I can so I can start up a routine.

Once my little photo inventory is all posted I'm hoping to post here at least once a week (but hopefully more). I want to make it feel a bit more 'routine' rather than have 50,000 posts all at once then nothing for a while.

PLESE MAKE ME STICK TO MY WORD ON THIS!  If I start slipping and forget to post, send me a email and be like 'wtf bro!', k?

Every time I write stuff on here it just feels so therapeutic, even if it doesn't make sense or sounds dumb or whatever, it just makes my mind chill. And if you hadn't seen my approach to writing, I don't really hold back and type how I talk. I wish I was a good writer. Sometimes I find myself thinking up really great things to write but when I sit down to type, it's all gone and I find myself with Year 9 English skills again. Ugh. Anyway. I just want to start tying a bit harder with this because its more than just posting cute pictures for me, It's just kind of soothing.

What kind of routine do you have for blogging or social media?


  1. Just read over your blog, and I want to say good on you!!!

    I also had a lap band in 2007 by Prof (he is awesome). I researched and researched too. I also got my band because I wanted to have another baby (pcos too). Over all I have lost 90 kilos since then. I did get to have another baby and then another!!!

    So you girl, you have got this and your doing it!!

    1. Thank you so much! Thats so amazing about your babies and OMG 90 KG! Thats insane! You're a machine! So far its been pretty good so hopefully it stays successful. How was having lapband while pregnant? It weirds me out thinking about the port sticking out in your belly and the baby kicking it or something ><