Orthodox Easter

Friday, 24 April 2015

I know its a bit late but hey, this blog didn't technically exist yet to be able to post this at the right time. Two weekends ago (Sunday April 12th 2015), it was Orthodox Easter (Yes, Orthodox Easter, not Greek Easter. All wogs aren't Greek so plz don't call it Greek Easter). Its usually a week after 'normal' easter and its a pretty festive time especially if you go to the church gatherings.
My family doesn't go to church for Easter because we're not really that religious but we do always go to my grandparents houses for lunch/dinner. Wogs everywhere gather with their families and stuff their faces with good/greasy food on Easter because most of them had been fasting in the weeks leading up to it.

After spending the whole day at both grandparents houses, you basically roll back home while carrying a tray of more food to last you the next week and a half. I'ts pretty frickin awesome.
As well as the great food, theres also a mountain of sweets that all the oldies make usually just for Easter and Christmas (Christmas is also on another day but more on that when the time comes around). I'm so bummed I didn't take more photos of all the food but as soon as we got there, we pretty much got straight into eating haha

We take a pretty chill approach to our Easter gatherings but some people go all out and dress up really nice to go over to each others houses. That's not how we roll. The uniform for my family is basically jeans and a tee (or jumper depending on the weather). I haven't been a jeans person since I was about 16. All that changed about a year ago when a friend gave me basically all her plus size clothing and amongst it all was a pair of jeans. The most perfect pair of jeans to grace my plus thighs (ha! see what I did there!) since I was an inbetweenie. I've since worn them to death and haven't been able to find the same pair anywhere so I've been looking for a new pair to replace them and I think I may have found them *choir sings* 

When I told my husband to take some outfit photos he just groaned and wasn't having a bar of it, but then we got into it and he was like 'ok, now you take some of me' haha he's pretty cute.

Hope all you guys had a great wog easter/regular easter!

Jumper: Miss Shop (from a few years ago, but similar here) // Jeans: Suzanne Grae // Shoes: Converse 


  1. I'm really enjoying your blog so far! I love a blogger that can have a chat to their audience. If you would, could you please explain the significance of the dyed eggs? I know that they're part of the European Easter tradition, and each year my local shop sells the dye, but I've never had to courage to ask about them in fear of making a faux pas. Are they hard boiled? Can you only have one? Do the colours mean anything? Thanks in advance :)

    1. hey doll! thanks so much for your feedback! :) i'll do a blog post about the eggs that will detail everything. stay tuned ;)