Easy Snuggly Autumn OOTD

Sunday, 10 May 2015

You know those days where its so cold you just want to stay at home snuggled up in a blanket? Well its reaching that point in Melbourne right now. The breeze is icy and the sky is dark but its gorgeous to watch from the comfort of a warm house.
And then you realise you have to go to the shops...
Now, I live in an area where I could get away with going to the shops in some beaten up trackies but I try and avoid it. I'm always on the hunt for clothes that are borderline pyjamas. Things that can look cute when I leave the house but are still disgustingly comfortable that I can still lounge around the house in them. By pure accident, this has become my go to winter jumper for those reasons.

I was in H&M looking for a new coat and sussing out their cape/poncho range and had both arms piled with clothes. My arms were becoming weak and I needed to get to the closest change room ASAP. But I saw this beautiful leopard print knit on the tallest shelves in the plus size section (which has now relocated upstairs btw). There was no staff around to help and I couldn't reach it with my arms stuffed like they were so I did what any person would do.. I put one armful of stuff down, stepped on a shelf to get some height and yanked that shit down like my life depended on it!  Turns out it was a sz 24 but I decided I wasn't going to do that again so I bought it anyway and It ended up fitting the exact way I had hoped it would! It's not often plus size gals can find oversized jumpers that are adorable, so I was absolutely stoked!

Also, can we just talk about these boots for a moment?! Mum and I went into Millers to suss out some jackets for my grandma and I found these gems! I'm not going to lie, I avoided looking in places like Millers because I thought they were for an older age bracket, but damn! They've got some stylish goods! I picked up a dress that was on sale as well and have my eye on this pink quilted coat. These babies were only $40 and fit like a dream. Well done Millers!

Knit: H&M // Skirt: Cotton On // Stockings: Sonsee // Boots: Millers


  1. I've been wearing them non stop! Millers surprisingly has a few pairs of pretty great boots for sale right now!