Sabrina the (Not so) Teenage Witch

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Do you ever base an outfit around one thing?  I do. Constantly. Tonight's main feature, a Onyx stone ring my Dad had made for me. 

I worked with a lady that had this onyx ring that I was obsessed with. The stone was about the size of an almond. It was perfect. After talking about it endlessly and being on the hunt for one since I saw hers, my Dad decided to get one made for me as a surprise Christmas present. He got it made by Ironstone Jewellers in Yarraville and they did a wonderful job. Poor Dad had to guess my ring size so the ring is slightly big but whatevs, I still love it, and the sentiment behind it too.

The ring just gives me a witchy vibe. Not in a cauldrons and broomsticks way, but more like Sabrina the teenage witch (You'd be surprised how many people still pull that ol line on me when they find out my name haha). The ring goes best with multiple chunky rings, turtlenecks, middle parts and magic nights. I feel like this outfit was made for this ring, and I'm not gunna lie I was really feeling my look.

I think I'll be busting out this outfit a lot over winter with a nice big coat over it.

Do you base your outfit around one item when you get dressed?

Turtleneck: Target via Savers // Dress (as skirt): ASOS // Stockings: Sonsee // Boots: Millers 
Onyx ring: Ironstone Jewellers // Silver ring: Gucci

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