Wednesday, 17 June 2015

So this is a slightly old photo set but its been in my 'to blog' list for freakin ages and I just can't leave it out.

I found this jumper on tumblr and quickly became 110% obsessed with it. I searched high and low for this perfect damn thing and finally found it at Shop Jeen. Love don't pay the bills. My God. That quote still makes me smile and nod at how great it is.

After buying this jumper I became further obsessed with the brand that designed it, Dimepiece. They recently had Baddie Winkle fronting their new season. They're pretty badass. Check them out!

Denim Jacket: Lee Cooper via Savers // Jumper: Dimepiece //Skirt: Cotton On 
Stockings: Sonsee // Shoes: Vans

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  1. How awesome are dimepiece!? I've been folllowing them for ages, never bought anything though. I am loving that lipstick on you!