TRAVEL TUESDAY! - Leaving Family Behind

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

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I found this quote and it smacked me right in the face and urged me to write this post. I wanted to try out a bit of a themed day type post but I feel it may be short lived as I'm contemplating whether I should start up a travel specific blog separate to this one because I have a lot I want to talk about when it comes to travelling and the emotions related to the experience. This quote made me really think. Sam and I have been talking about moving overseas for years. If we had actually done it when we had first spoken about it, we would have lived in a few countries by now.
The big factor in why we haven't really done anything that 'extreme' has honestly been my family. Fear of how life will be if I leave them behind. And what if we never want to come back? Would I be able to cope not seeing them for almost years at a time? God. Now I'm crying at the thought of it. I know I'll get through it but how do people with tight knit families move overseas or travel for extended periods of time without feeling like a piece of your heart is missing? If I didn't have this type of relationship with my family I would have been gone by now. Anyone else part of a wog family where you're basically expected to live in close proximity to your parents for the rest of your life unless you want a life of guilt that you're not there? I can't let this stop me from travelling to far away places for long periods of time. It's an emotional cleanse. Getting away is good for your health and I feel that right now I need a fresh start more than ever. I feel like I'm carrying a shell that is too small for me and its time for me to move in to a bigger shell so I can live a bit more freely.

Do you want to travel or move overseas? If so, where?

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