Orthodox Christmas Haziness

Sunday, 7 February 2016

I am so pleased to say, I have posted all older OOTD's and blogs and such and am now back on track to regular posts! YAY! I am so excited to take more new photos! I had everything on pause for a little while so I didn't get backlogged with photos all over again.  

On January the 7th it was Orthodox Christmas. That's right. Another Christmas. The reason behind this is described well by Google..

Many Orthodox Christians in Australia celebrate Christmas Day on or near January 7 in the Gregorian calendar. This date works to be December 25 in the Julian calendar, which pre-dates the Gregorian calendar. It is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who is believed to be the son of God.

The way people celebrate Orthodox Christmas varies. For some it involves going to church, fasting, prayers, etc, but the most important thing (just like regular Christmas) is trying to make time to spend the day with your family. Oh and theres always a feast. But really, theres always a fest at any wog occasion, so its not really a surprise haha
We went to my grandparents house with the fam and had a massive lunch. It's kind of hard to have a 'massive' lunch when you've got a lapband, but you do what you can. It's also especially hard when your wog grandma still doesn't fully understand the concept of lapband so she's borderline offended that you didn't stack your plate completely full and then go back for another round later haha

Wogmas, as Sam and I like to call it, used to be a little more exciting as a kid. You'd have celebrated regular christmas a few weeks before, then the excitement from that all wore off, then you have this second Christmas and get more presents and cash so you're buzzing! That pretty much ends when you become a teenager though. Shattered.

After we had finished the rounds of food, Sam, my sister, my cousin and I had a savage game of Cards Against Humanity. Probably the worst game you could play on Christmas, but its seriously the absolute best!

What would a day out be without taking an OOTD? It was particularly hot that day so I opted for cool comfort. I had been looking for shorts like this for freaking AGES! Something tight, not boxy like most plus size shorts are and something that sits above my knees. I found these in the funniest way...my mums sewing room. A few days before she had been complaining about a pair of pants she had bought that had started tearing at the thighs from chub rub (something that us plus size girls would know all too well). The tear became a massive hole on either side of the pants making them unwearable. Mum decided to cut the legs off at the tear and turn them into shorts! Absolute genius! I don't know why I never thought to do that! Turns out it ripped at the perfect length for me so I claimed them haha

Sam said I looked like a tough biker chick haha

Who says fat girls cant wear short shorts and show their arms? FUCK THAT! It's when I wear outfits like this that I feel fabulous AF.

Did anyone else celebrate Orthodox Christmas? What did you get upto?

Top: Stussy  // Shorts: H&M DIY  //  Shoes: Vans

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